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Celebrate Teachers with Thoughtful and Personalised Gifts | Sale Until July 31st 2023!

Thoughtful Handmade and Personalised Gifts for Appreciating Teachers and School Workers


Thanks to Teachers and a fun anecdote


"A Symphony of Gratitude: Celebrating Teachers and Educators"

In the twilight of the school year, as summer draws near,

Let's celebrate teachers who hold our hearts dear.

With gratitude and admiration, we gather round,

To honour their dedication profound.

In classrooms filled with laughter and endless dreams,

Teachers sow the seeds of knowledge in vibrant streams.

Patient mentors, guiding lights they inspire,

Igniting passions within like a burning fire.

They've nurtured minds, shaped futures, with endless care,

Building bridges to success, with love to spare.

Each lesson taught, a priceless gift of wisdom and grace,

Leaving an indelible mark, a lasting embrace.

From the alphabet's first steps to complex equations,

Teachers unveil the world's mysteries with dedication.

They foster curiosity, encourage creativity,

Instilling lifelong values and endless possibilities.

Once upon a time, I stood where they stand,

A teacher's heart beating in sync with the band.

The memories of those days still echo in my soul.

A reminder of the love that truly made me whole.

So let's celebrate these heroes, deserving of praise,

In ways both big and small, let's brighten their days.

A heartfelt gift, a token of our deep appreciation,

A cherished reminder of their remarkable dedication.

At Coco Creates, we understand the power,

Of meaningful present that make the heart flower.

Browse our collection, where memories are made,

Unique treasures to honour teachers who've blazed.

From personalised keepsakes to heartfelt tokens,

Each gift speaks volumes, unspoken emotions.

With every gift given, you support education's mission,

Empowering the future with heartfelt recognition.

As the school year comes to a close, take a moment to reflect,

On the teachers who've touched lives, we mustn't neglect.

Let's show our gratitude with gifts that inspire,

Leaving lasting impressions, setting hearts afire.

To teacher who share stories and inspiration,

And inspire tales of love, learning and admiration.

Together let's make this end of year grand,

For teachers who shape destinies, hand in hand.

~ Coco Creates


As the school year comes to a close, it's time to express heartfelt appreciation to the incredible educators, teaching assistants, and dedicated school workers who have played a vital role in shaping young minds (I know school can't run without the receptionists, the janitors, the lunch workers, and many more people behind the scenes that never get enough recognition!) At Coco Creates, we take great pride in offering a wide selection of handmade and personalised gifts designed to convey gratitude and create lasting memories. With our current sale on teacher-related items until 31st July 2023, there's no better time to find the perfect gift to celebrate these remarkable individuals.

Teachers, teaching assistants, and school workers possess a unique ability to inspire, guide, and nurture students, making a lasting impact on their lives. We understand the profound influence these remarkable individuals have on our children's education and personal growth. We strive to provide gifts that not only express appreciation, but also symbolise the significance of their tireless efforts.

I used to be a teacher myself, and I have one specific gift that I received at the end of the year, that still has an impact on me today, years later. I had a challenging year, one that was unique in it's struggles, and as my second year in teaching, the first in this setting, it was all a new experience for me. One student, at the end of the year, gave me a lovely small guardian angel trinket. They explained that the angel was there to look over me and protect me. This simple yet deeply meaning gift became a cherished keepsake of mine, something that I still keep close-by now; a simple reminder of the bond I formed with my students, and the strength and resilience that teaching instills within us. I actually now sell my own small guardian angels, nestled in a gorgeous matchbox, specifically because they are a reminder of this wonderful and thoughtful gift that I once received.

At Coco Creates, we offer a diverse range of handmade and personalised items that speak volumes of appreciation and thoughtfulness. Our collection includes:

Wooden plaque with "A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change everything" quote on a blue background
  • Personalised Teacher Plaques:

Capture the essence of gratitude with charming wooden plaques featuring cute quotes personalised with the teacher's name.

Holding a candle tin that says "Thank you for helping me grow" on a yellow sticker
  • Customised Candles and Keyring Sets:

Illuminate their day with our delightful candles adorned with heartfelt quotes. Each candle comes with a personalised keyring, adding a touch of warmth and individuality.

Mini matchbox with words "Ms Boone thank you teacher from Jenny H" on the case. A small ceramic apple is inside the case.
  • Matchbox Trinket Keepsakes:

Delight educators with our whimsical trinket keepsakes housed in adorable matchboxes. Customise them with a name and a sweet message, creating a cherished memento (message only available on some due to space allowances).

3 keyrings. The front keyring has Mr O'Hanrahan Teaching is a work of heart" on it with an image of an apple with a heart on it.
  • Teacher Wooden Keyrings:

Celebrate their dedication with teacher-themed wooden keyrings personalised with their names, offering both functionality, and heartfelt appreciation. Some keyrings can be fully personalised with a message, an image, a school logo - the possibilities are endless!

Brown Kraft notebook with "Thank you mrs Boone!" at the top. A slip of card saying "World's greatest Teacher" is wrapped around the middle of the notebook with a pencil with the name "Mrs Boone" on it. At the bottom of the notebook says "From Brooklyn"
  • Personalised Stationary:

Make their classroom experiences even more special with notebooks, pens, pencils, rubbers, thoughtfully packaged with customisable names and messages.

Bottles lined up - large ones at the back. The bottle colours are from left to right, red, pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, black, and white. 2 smaller bottles are in front, which are pink and light blue.

  • Personalised Water Bottles and Hip Flasks:

Keep teachers hydrated and inspired with personalised water bottles, carrying their name, a thoughtful reminder of their positive influence - I offer bespoke creations, so the

bottle can be personalised with a name, message and

A black hip flask sits on a white background surrounded by flowers. The Hipflask has been engraved with an image of an owl sat on a dream catcher with the name Stephanie written underneath it.

design of your choice, making this a wonderful customisable gift. Maybe you think a teacher needs something a little stronger? Our hip flasks are the perfect personalised gift!

A card sits on a white background. It has a navy blue front saying "Thank you teacher for helping me shine" and has a wooden plaque with the name "Ms Roberts" on it, topped with a lighter blue wooden star on it.
  • Unique Cards with Keepsakes:

Express your gratitude with our personalised cards featuring removable keepsakes, or with a stunning wooden addition, perfect for an adorable cherished memory.

2 personalised teacher gift signs on a marble background. The front sign is a blue pot with pink and lilac tulips on top. It says " To Mrs Robson Love Mason xxx Thank you so much" on it. The sign at the back is a rainbow with clouds at either end, saying "A teacher shapes our dreams for the future. Number 1 teacher. To Mrs Flores Dominguez Love Mason xxx"
  • Hanging Thank You Signs:

Add a touch of gratitude to classrooms with personalised hanging thank you signs that can be adorned with the teachers name, creating a warm and inspiring environment.

Wooden glasses holder that is in the shape of a nose. The base is engraved with the words "Mark's Glasses"

  • Personalised Glasses Holders:

Combine style and practicality with our personalised glasses holders, engraved itch the teacher's name, ensuring their eyewear stays safe and stylish.

Wooden pen resting on top of a maple pen box, which is sat on an open pink diary.

  • Personalised Wooden Pen Boxes and Pens:

Present educators with a sophisticated and personalised wooden maple pen box, containing a matching wooden pen, a timeless gift they'll cherish.

We have many more items for you to delve into in our teacher range, so why not click one of the links above, or check out our whole teacher range?

As we bid farewell to another school year, let us seize the opportunity to express profound gratitude and admiration for the educators and school workers who have made a lasting impact on the lives of our children. With our wide range of handmade and personalised gifts, we offer a heartfelt way to show appreciation. Browse our collection today, and celebrate the remarkable individuals who shape the future with passion and dedication.


Introducing... ME!

Introducing me, Chloe (she/they), the creative force behind Coco Creates! As a passionate artisan, my love for crafting shines through in my handmade and personalised gifts. My dedication to my craft stems from a deep-rooted desire to pursue my passion fully. With dreams of expanding my product range, and offering greater customisability, I envision creating a treasure trove of unique items that canoe cherished for a lifetime! At Coco Creates, I go the extra mile to ensure eco-friendliness and sustainability. Every order is carefully assembled with fully recyclable materials, including eco-conscious suppliers and sustainable wood sources. My commitment to persevering the environment extends beyond my craft, and I believe in making a positive impact through my business practices. My journey into this business was borne out of circumstantial challenges. Being a teacher in the pandemic, I was, at the time, supplying, and then was furloughed! Furlough pay was not enough to survive and pay bills, so I started working elsewhere, and also seized the opportunity to embrace my passion for crafting and channel it into a thriving business! Armed with determination, I have built my brand from the ground up, handling every aspect of the business independently, from website creation and product photography to administration and order fulfilment. By supporting Coco Creates, you help contribute to my dream of turning my passion into a sustainable career. Your purchase helps fund the growth of Coco Creates, allowing me to explore now avenues, expand my product range, and invest in machinery to unlock endless creative possibilities! Additionally, your support also enables me to create a stable foundation for my future, nurturing dreams of financial stability and security, and building a loving home for my future family.

Together let's embrace the beauty of handmade and personalised gifts! Explore my collection of gifts at and join the movement of supporting small independent artisans who pour their hearts into their work! Thank you~!

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