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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Have you ever found it difficult to come up with gift ideas for your significant other on Valentine's Day? Well, here we will go over a few ideas, both for bought gifts and gifts that you can do from home!

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to Valentines, from those who prefer getting gifts, those who prefer giving gifts, those who prefer thought going into the day, to those who just want to spend some time with their significant other.

While being in lockdown makes things a bit more difficult when planning things, that doesn't mean you can't still have a lovely day together! Check out the different gift ideas below, with gifts for your partner, gifts to make at home, activities to do at home, and also if you are spending Valentine's Day alone.

Gifts for your partner

Some people prefer well thought out gifts and some just like to know you are thinking of them. Whatever that may be, you can always find so many great things online. I'll be going over a few of those for you here, so you can get an idea of what you could gift your partner.

  • The classic idea is of teddy bears, flowers, and chocolate. This is a foolproof gift that can be purchased even if it's last minute! After all, who doesn't love a bit of chocolate on Valentines (even if you are just by yourself - treat yourself!)

  • Think of something your partner has spoken about, or something that they really like. This is always a sure-fire way to show someone you care about them. Why not get them something they have been talking about for a while?

  • Valentine's Day is a day where many people think about proposal. Rings are essential to a good proposal, but the ring box can be something that can help keep the memories of the day alive. Why not purchase an engraved ring box like the one shown below as a beautiful way to remember the day?

  • Cheeky gifts are sometimes perfect for gifts! This 'Hot Pizza Ass' Mug and matching tea board is a great gift for someone who has a 'Hot Pizza Ass' ;)

  • Sometimes gifts can be bought that benefit both of you! On Coco Creates we have a few matching mug sets that are perfect for any couple! We pride ourselves on being LGBTQIA+ run, and want to make sure anyone feels welcome here, and has a chance to get something that benefits them. Check out some of our mug sets here.

  • There are so many gifts online that you could buy for your significant other, why not choose to buy from a small business instead, and support those who are working hard! Check out all of Coco Creates Valentines gifts here.

Gifts to make at home

Sometimes the best gifts can be the ones that come from the heart. We'll go over a few ideas you can do to make your own gifts at home!

  • Make a card for your partner, and write a sentimental message inside.

  • Write a poem, or a love song.

  • Bake them something - a cake, cupcakes, macarons, brownies, anything! Everyone loves a baked good, and it always tastes better knowing it's made with love ❤️

  • Look up some valentines origami - you don't need origami paper for it, you can just use plain paper cut into a square! Some ideas might be to make a paper bouquet or hearts.

  • Print out your own bottle labels and stick them on a bottle of your partner's favourite tipple! You could include a cute message or a picture of yourselves to add a more personal touch to the label.

Activities to do from home

Sometimes going outside is not ideal, especially in this current climate in the pandemic! Some people still worry about going outside, even if we have been given the 'all clear' to do so, so why not have some fun at home instead?

  • Have an at-home spa day to relax and get rid of some of those stresses of everyday life. Why not grab a little lotion, or massage oil and give your partner a gorgeous massage - maybe they could return the massage too! Grab yourselves some face masks (yes, you men too! They do wonders for your face, and you'll never regret it!) and sit watching rubbish TV with a drink.

  • Why not have a go at playing some board games, perfect for 2 players! Here is a video going through 6 great board games which are perfect for 2 players.

  • Go out stargazing - pitch yourself up with a blanket, or a couple of chairs outside, grab some hot chocolate and look out at the stars. Why not try to make some pictures from the star you can see?

  • Have some *intimate* time with your partner. Sometimes life can get on top of you, and before you know it, it has been months since you last got physical with your partner. Put on a couple of candles, turn down the lights and make a romantic night even more satisfying with some one-on-one time with your partner - listen to their needs, ask them what they want!

Are you alone this Valentine's Day? Well, that's just an excuse to love yourself! Why not treat yourself to some of the things listed above? Just because you may not have a significant other in your life right now (or maybe you're happy on your own) that doesn't mean you can't love and treat yourself.

Here is a video for board games that you can play by yourself, because being with yourself is enough!


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